It all started with a bad idea...

It started one October morning in 1999 when, after reading a Final Fantasy VIII fanfic that matched Quistis up with a character that was non-canonical, Greenbeans was frustrated. With disgust she complained to her friend Nightman, who suggested that she put her keyboard where her complaint was and write a 'good' match for Quistis. After brainstorming for a while they came to the conclusion that the only character who even had a chance of being a match for Quistis was Xu (who was so underdeveloped in the game that Beans could fudge portraying the pair accurately).

Beans wrote up a fanfic draft that had Quistis and Xu as best friends who experiment one evening. Once the draft was finished, Beans read through it again and found that she'd introduced several elements that could use some elaboration. She decided to write a 'short' story leading up to the one night stand that explained things like how students found their Limits and such.

The lead up story was intended to be maybe 100k at most. Around 200k Beans had covered nearly everything she intended to. The story would have petered out at that point if it weren't for a fateful night on IRC.

Beans was working on her story when Sean Gaffney teased her per usual. He took the teasing one step further and made a comment that demanded some sort of retaliatory response. Since she couldn't send a stampede of elephants across the Internet to flatten him, she decided to write him into her story instead. Sean's fate in the story was decided before the first mention of him. What was unexpected was how well the characters seemed to 'mesh' together.

It was a whole new game after Sean entered the story. The original Quistis and Xu story was discarded (and later lost when Beans' hard drive died). Beans created a new, more expansive outline that covered the eight years leading up to the video game.

Back in the real world, Gaffney was disgruntled that his incarnation didn't get what he wanted. Beans ho-ed and hum-ed and finally caved in. She enlisted the help of His lordship Chaos in her story. His fanfic series Dreamworld demonstrated the sort of meta-physical ideas she wished to show in later stories.

Pulling Chaos into the fold was easier than expected. He was as excited by the writing prospect as Beans. The only thing holding him back was that he'd never played the game before. Not one to let such details get in the way of his writing, he started researching the story and drawing what canonical information he could from Beans.

Beans decided to infect more people with her enthusiasm. Corvus came onboard shortly there after to write a story that picks up where Beans' fanfic ends. Helen Fong was commissioned to do some motivational fanart. She also played a vital part by translating excerpts from "Wish you were here" and making herself available as a sounding board. Many others have added their ideas, areas of knowledge, and skills to make the fanfic a better one.

A collective name for such a collective effort was coined by Chaos after Corvus and Beans played hot potato with ideas (Tonberry Tales being a rejected one). He kept referring to it as the 'SeeDFic' in his emails. Making the leap to the SeeDFic Project seemed natural.

Greenbeans - 04.10.01