Meet & Greet

  • #Fanfics on the How can you not want to visit a fanfic channel whose motto is "Ours not to reason why, ours but to write or die"?
  • Random Insanity I'm at a loss on how to describe this group of friends (random and insane? ^^; ). How about "Writing tournaments are good, yo!"


  • BSSO Read the adventures of Jennifer Sakachi and Eileen Pearcy in their own (non-Final Fantasy) universe.
  • The Courthouse An archive containing many of the better fanfics to be posted on FFOnline's forums. (I highly recommend Liberi Tenebri. Go read it.)
  • Eltreum is the webhome of Corvus. He's put the doormat out, why not go for a visit, eh?
  • Need I say more?
  • ~FloweR~ This is one of my favorite FF8 fics. I almost died laughing (several times).
  • Icy Brian A video game fic archive that has submission standards. In other words, it's all good.
  • MediaMiner Another fic archive.


  • Oracle Of Maiya is a fan-translation of Persona 2: Innocent Sin.
  • Room 303 leads off to two websites: The Allegory of Whatever (Persona 2: Innocent Sin) and Crime and Punishment (Persona 2: Eternal Punishment). What I like about these sites is that they aren't about how to play the game; they're all background / character / shrine type information. The amount of mythology covered in Allegory is simply amazing and gives a greater appreciation for the series as a whole.

    Cool Stuff

  • Baen Free Library This is a pet project of some published authors to give books away online to entice new readers. I think this is a great idea because not only do you get to read some wonderful books, but I agree with their thinking. Contributers include David Weber, David Drake, and Mercades Lackey. Go download On Basilisk Station and The Honor of the Queen by David Weber, they kick much butt, trust me :)
  • Encyclopedia Mythica A great online resource for mythologies from around the world ^_^
  • Game Shark Get their hardware (Dex drive, Shark Port, and Game Shark) to take fuller advantage of your gaming investment. The products can be a bit of a pain to get booted, but once they're up I've had no problems with 'em :)