Every fanfic writer for the SeeDfic Project is an experienced one. As such, we fully recognize and respect the fact that we have no financial or legal claims to the characters of Final Fantasy VIII. The rights to them belong to Square Electronic Arts, LLC and we are using the characters, locations, and scenarios without permission.

And now a few words from our fearless leader...

While working on this project I gave some early drafts to my grandmother to read through. Her comments afterwards were filled with the usual words of encouragement that you would expect from a family member, but she also had a question: "Why do you do it?" Why was I investing so much time into something that I couldn't make any money off of?

I've put countless hours and much effort into this project because it's something I care about. The world of Final Fantasy VIII has lit a fire in my imagination; a fire I wish to spread. The challenge and thrill of writing the story is what motivates me. Writing is something that I love and I wish for others to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Even if no one else reads my stories, I would be happy because I got what I wanted out of them during the writing process.

The stories for the SeeDfic Project were written with the utmost respect for the Final Fantasy series. Not everyone will agree with the direction I or other SeeDfic Project members take, but we've tried to remain canonical where it was possible and practical. (The story does contradict itself on some points and flat out doesn't make sense on others). Though we may poke fun at the characters (especially in the omakes) it's with a playful spirit that we've done so.

As a fan of Square's products in general and of the Final Fantasy series especially I would ask you to spread the love. Share your fandom. If other people read our stories or saw our artwork and were inspired to do their own, it would make our day. That's one of the longest lasting effects of any story telling effort.

Greenbeans - 11.21.01