Alexander Sowing the SeeDs : 10, 11
The Guardian Force representing Holy Judgement. With his blind eyes he sees the world in a way many do not. It is this perspective that he shares with Kei when assisting her in rendering judgement.
Almasy, Seifer Sowing the SeeDs : 6, 9, 13, 16, 17, 18
Seifer has been in the Garden for most of his life. Many of his classmates would describe him as a bully (but not to his face). He has a sharp tongue that lands him into trouble. His best friends are Fujin and Raijin.
Anshin Head Elder Sowing the SeeDs : 10, 14
The head of the Anshin elders. He is a wise man whose age shows in his wrinkled appearance. He's a fair and patient man who abides by tradition, but isn't restricted to it. With bemused tolerance he guided Kei as a child and later advised her in adulthood.
Anya Sowing the SeeDs : 5
A talented pupil of Mistress Niethe from West Hills. She's often uncomfortable in social situations and just discovering that there's more to life than learning.
Aucifer Sowing the SeeDs : 5, 15, 16, 17, 18
Niethe's star pupil and favorite victim. Master and student bicker constantly while attempting to take each other's head off. His always defensive attitude can sometimes come off as abrasive. His sharp tongue has gotten him into trouble more than once.
Biggs Sowing the SeeDs : 4, 15
A soldier in Galbadia's army. He wants to become a high-ranking officer. By his reasoning the quickest way to the top is to suck up to his superiors.
Birestein Sowing the SeeDs : 15
Doctor Birestein is one of the lead researchers for the Galbadian Science Institute. His field of study is Trabian monster life. He is a brusque man who cuts to the facts.
Caraway Sowing the SeeDs : 15
He is a general in the Galbadia military, and a trusted friend and advisor to President Vinzer Deling.
Carbuncle Sowing the SeeDs : 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18
The Guardian Force representing Protection. Some might consider it to be a lesser Spirit because of its small size and non-offensive punch, but make no mistake: Carbuncle is a powerful ally. One of the most important things it offers Xu is comfort for the heart.
Danielson Sowing the SeeDs : 12
A Dollet agent working in the Investigations division.
de Bono Sowing the SeeDs : 7
Manager of the lot where Jessie's father stores his car in Deling City. A family friend, Jessie's female conquests are subject to teasing with him.
de Ling, Sierra Sowing the SeeDs : 16, 17, 18
A transfer student from Trabia Garden and is extremely loyal to her homeland. Her gruff demeanor has won her few friends at Balamb Garden and those that she does have she'd rather not. Her hobbies include reading, rock climbing, and getting under Seifer's skin.
Death's Angel Sowing the SeeDs : 5
A legendary assassin who was born of dark urban myth. His proficiency at completing his contracts was renowned and feared throughout Galbadia. He died when a building he entered exploded. Rumor has it that he may still be alive...
Deling, Vinzer Sowing the SeeDs : 4, 5, 15
The President of Galbadia controls through his dictatorship. He is a man of frightful political and military power who is known to send dissenters to D-District Prison. Despite his apparent cruelty (especially against the people of Timber) he is not completely without compassion.
Diablos Sowing the SeeDs : 11, 14
The Guardian Force representing Chaos. The demon is bound with a man who many would swear has a kindred heart. With its ghastly powers of darkness it casts a long shadow of destruction behind it. Alexander is its natural enemy.
Dincht, Zell Sowing the SeeDs : 16, 17, 18
Known around the training room as the young fireball, Zell has a spunky personality and an occasional big mouth. Despite his youthful exuberance he's a bright lad that wears his heart on his sleeve. He truly cares about his friends and will do anything to help them out.
Enju Sowing the SeeDs : 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14
A transfer student from Trabia Garden whose weapons skills are unmatched by any cadet and many SeeDs. He's and orphan who was raised in the traditions of the Weapons Guild. While he presents an easy going facade, a darkness lurks in the depth of his baby blue eyes.
Eugene Sowing the SeeDs : 2, 6, 7, 12, 13, 15
A male SeeD cadet who was a member of the rowdier crowd Sean ran with before Xu started to make an honest man of him. He's the de facto leader of his group of friends, which consists of LeVar and Jessie.
Faculty, (The) Sowing the SeeDs : 1, 2, 8, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18
The Shumi teachers at Balamb Garden. They hail from Winter Island in Trabia. Exactly how they came to be in the employ of the Garden is something few humans know. Most students are so concerned with their own studies that they had never paused to question the usually dour instructors.
Franco Sowing the SeeDs : 12
Proprietor of bar that Ruze frequents. The ground level of his establishment is open to the general public while upstairs contains his private Triple Triad tables. He is a skilled TT player.
Fujin and Raijin Sowing the SeeDs : 16, 17, 18
Friends of Seifer and fellow members of the Disciplinary Committee. Fujin is a woman of few words, but those that are spoken should be carefully considered. Raijin is more jovial and fiercely loyal to his two friends.
Galker, Haf Sowing the SeeDs : 12
The Governor of one of Trabia's southern provinces.
Great Hyne, (The) Sowing the SeeDs : 17
Sorceresses are said to be descendants of the Great Hyne. Hyne is credited with the creation of mankind and is the closest thing the FFVIII world has to a god.
Griever Sowing the SeeDs : 18
A powerful Spirit who thrives upon the grief of those who are possessed by it.
Haynes Sowing the SeeDs : 15
The SeeD in charge of the unit Quistis was a member of during her final exam. He is a professional in every sense of the word and a good role model for up and coming SeeDs.
Heartilly, Rinoa Sowing the SeeDs : 15
She is the only child of General Caraway. He worries about her growing up without a mother.
Jaylee Sowing the SeeDs : 18
A SeeD who assigned by Cid to keep an eye on Sierra while Xu is on a mission. She has a cool head when in an emergency and displays the type of fearlessness that SeeD is famous for.
Jerrick and Jessica Sowing the SeeDs : 17, 18
White SeeDs who are personal aides to the Sorceress. Jerrick is extremely formal when address others, including his peers. They both have an unwavering loyalty to the Sorceress, even when it puts them in a position of ‘betraying’ her.
Jessie Sowing the SeeDs : 2, 6, 7, 8
He fancies himself as a lady's man with the female cadets apparently confirming his boasts. This is something that both flatters and frustrates him. He's a strong magician who bickers constantly with his best friend and roommate, LeVar.
Jessie's Family Sowing the SeeDs : 7
Jessie's father runs a mining operation in Wilburn Hill, which has made him well off financially. Jessie is the oldest of five children. His four younger sisters are Kara (13), Cassy (11), Ashelyn (9) and Naria (5). They're a large part of Jessie wanting to escape his family to join SeeD.
Johann Sowing the SeeDs : 15
He is an assistant to the scientists working out of Outpost 3 of the Galbadian Science Institute. His duties are along the lines of gopher work and making sure that the scientists take care of themselves.
Jordan Sowing the SeeDs : 16
A member of Balamb Garden's drill team. She's good friends with Reika.
Kadowaki Sowing the SeeDs : 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18
This matronly woman is the doctor of Balamb Garden. She concerns herself with all aspects of a student's health: physical, mental and emotional. She can be scathing of the Headmaster when he presses a student too hard and then sends them to her to be put back together.
Kei Sowing the SeeDs : 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Kei believes in being proficient and professional about the tasks set before her, and thus can come off as distant or cold. But behind her mask of professionalism hides a warm personality that few ever see. Her personality and mannerisms are masculine, which is something she doesn't deny or try to hide.
Kei's Family Sowing the SeeDs : 10, 14
Kei's father is one of the five elders who lead the Anshin clan. He is a stubborn man well entrenched in tradition who expects the same of his family. Kei is the oldest living of their children. The eldest twins died during their coming of age rite.
Kent Sowing the SeeDs : 3, 4
He is the well-educated son of wealthy parents. He ended up at the Garden when they decided it would be the best 'finishing' school for him. He's more of an intellectual type than a fighter and dreams of becoming like the writer Laguna Loire.
Kramer, Cid Sowing the SeeDs : 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Cid is a portly fellow with a tight vest reigning in his slight potbelly and the dignity to look the part of Headmaster. He treats his students fairly, if not sympathetically. He has a penchant for long, inspirational speeches and always has an encouraging word for his students.
Kramer, Edea Sowing the SeeDs : 17, 18
Wife of Cid Kramer, Sorceress, and Matron. Edea wears many different hats. How her secret ambitions unfold will lead to the world changing events that take place during Final Fantasy VIII.
Kren Sowing the SeeDs : 13, 14
One of the recovered Anshin children. He has a soft spot for Quistis and regards Xu and Kei with reverence.
Lee Sowing the SeeDs : 1
A male SeeD cadet who is jealous of Quistis because of her achievements.
Leonhart, Squall Sowing the SeeDs : 6, 9, 13, 16, 18
One of the sprouts who have been in the Garden most of his life. Squall is as much of a fixture of the Garden as the water fountains are. He can sometimes be found in the company of Seifer. He's a stoic personality who doesn't seem interested in making friends or taking part in Garden life.
LeVar Sowing the SeeDs : 2, 6, 7, 8
LeVar completes the trio with Jessie and Eugene. He's the intellect of the group who makes dry comments that can cut straight to the point. He wants to see Quistis succeed so that it will be a victory for bookworks everywhere.
Lockrush, Harry Sowing the SeeDs : 12
A Dollet investigator, Rosenhall's partner. He is a disheveled man in appearance, but sharp as a tack in the mind. Having to "play games" to accomplish their ends frustrates him, but he's willing to bide his time if it means capturing their suspect.
Logan Sowing the SeeDs : 3, 4, 5
Can we say 'grunt'? I knew you could. He dislikes foreigners, women, and pretty much anyone who isn't a male, homegrown Galbadian. He has a grudging respect for Master Pan because the latter has knocked it into him. He is roommates with Kent.
Martine Sowing the SeeDs : 3, 4, 5, 17, 18
The dour Headmaster of Galbadia Garden. He often feels like a Ring Master since his Garden is more like a 3-ring circus than a school. With SeeDs, officer cadets, SeeD cadets, and more personnel than you can shake a stick at, his frustrations are justified.
Matron Sowing the SeeDs : 1
The woman who ran one of the orphanages Quistis spent some time at. Quistis admires Matron a lot and strives to live up to Matron's high expectations for her.
Mikel Sowing the SeeDs : 10, 14
Kei's youngest brother. He's an impressionable lad who looks up to Kei with loving adoration. He's the only member of Kei's family that she really cares for. He hasn't been forced into the Anshin mold yet, something she tries to prevent by teaching him to think for himself.
Mirra, Quyza, and Julian Sowing the SeeDs : 18
In a story from Sorceress history Quyza's Knight, Julian, died. She was so devastated from his death that she started to become corrupted by the power of the Sorceress. Rather than succumb to it, she committed suicide and transferred her powers to Mirra.
Myn Sowing the SeeDs : 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18
Nym's twin brother, he's the less reactionary of the two despite constantly being on the move to avoid his sister's throwing darts. He tends to have his foot on his mouth with Nym shoving it in a bit deeper. Even though he often plays the part of victim, he has a good heart and friendly disposition.
Nick Sowing the SeeDs : 12
The bartender and bouncer to the upstairs lounge of Franco's bar. He is a large man with a beard of fiery red hair. One can't help but feel intimidated when in his presence.
Niethe Sowing the SeeDs : 5
A small wrinkled old woman who has a resolve of stone. She runs a well regarded weapons school in West Hills. It's both an honor and a trial to be a student under her care; the student will either be the best or be broken trying.
NORG Sowing the SeeDs : 18
A huge Shumi who is the Master of Balamb Garden. He provides the financial backing for the Garden while leaving the day to day operations to Cid. There is some distrust between Cid and NORG that can lead to them undermining each other.
Nym Sowing the SeeDs : 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18
Myn's twin sister, she fiery, sultry, and manipulative. She enjoys being the center of things and actively feeds the rumor mill. She's also Quistis' roommate after Skye graduates. It's her goal to collect a fan club of boys that rivals Quistis' Trepies, much to Quistis' embarrassment.
Old Woman by the Well Sowing the SeeDs : 10, 14
A bitter old woman who lives in the well courtyard by Kei's childhood home. Kei has always gone out of her way to torment the old woman who gave her baleful glares for transgressions imagined or otherwise.
Pan Sowing the SeeDs : 3, 4, 5, 15
A wandering Weapons Master who has been contracted to do combat training at Galbadia Garden. He holds no loyalty for SeeD, Galbadia, or pretty much anyone else. His personality is a bit gruff. He has nothing against pointing out stupidity when he sees it.
Pearcy, Eileen Sowing the SeeDs : 3, 4, 5, 17, 18
Administrative assistant to Martine. He relies on her as his 'right hand man'. She's a foreigner to Galbadia like Xu is, so she can sympathize. She make no bones about her relationship with Jen and challenges the Garden to come against her if they dare.
Queen of Cards, (The) Sowing the SeeDs : 1, 18
Recognized as the best player of Triple Triad in the world. She can change the rules of a region and is always up for a game.
Rebecca Sowing the SeeDs : 17
Headmistress of Trabia Garden. Rebecca is a tall woman whose presence alone commands the respect of those around her. She is level headed and always in control of the situation.
Red Sowing the SeeDs : 16
A member of Balamb Garden's drill team. He's a large cadet who uses brute force to win his fights. Zell likes to spar against him because of the size and strength disadvantage.
Reika Sowing the SeeDs : 8, 16
A cadet who is the same age as Quistis. The two girls become fast friends because of their similar age, classes, and love of Triple Triad.
Reynolds, Skye Sowing the SeeDs : 6, 7, 15
Quistis' roommate after Xu graduates. She was born in the same lakeside village as Quistis. Her mellow personality is on the verge of apathetic. She spends little time with Quistis, though tries to be more social after she notices Quistis' disappointment.
Rosenhall, Michelle Sowing the SeeDs : 12, 18
A Dollet investigator, Lockrush's partner. She is a woman of classical beauty who is skilled at spreading her "illusion". Despite her expertise with facades, she is a serious investigator anxious to crack the case of a lifetime.
Ruze, Richard Sowing the SeeDs : 12
One of the men suspected of child smuggling by the Dollet authorities. He has an unhealthy interest in booze and women. Dollet takes advantage of this weakness to gather evidence against him.
Sakachi, Jennifer Sowing the SeeDs : 3, 4, 5
A seasoned Instructor at Galbadia Garden. She's been the only female Instructor there for several years. She's a veteran of the Sorceress War, where she was a member of the Galbadian officer corps. Her life mate is Eileen Pearcy.
Sarkis Sowing the SeeDs : 12, 13
A young boy who was the sole survivor when Tenmile in Timber was destroyed by invading Galbadia forces. He was taken in by Master Talasu and later given over the Mistress Niethe's tutelage.
Sean Sowing the SeeDs : 1, 2
Sean has a reputation as a good-natured troublemaker. His off sense of humor lands him in trouble more often than not. Sean is a realist, though he can appreciate the value of dreams. He enjoys verbally sparing with Xu and trying to get under her skin while at the same time being a 'good' example for Quistis.
Sean's Parents Sowing the SeeDs : 3, 4, 5, 18
They had six children together. Some of the children never moved out (like Steven), instead bringing their families into their parent's home as well. The family business is a junk shop (aka Weapons Smith).
Silence Sowing the SeeDs : 14
A Spirit who has some advice for Enju...
Steven Sowing the SeeDs : 18
One of Sean's brothers. He recently became a full Weapons Smith under the guidance of his father. Likes to use Xu as a guinea pig for his latest weapon experiments.
Stewart Sowing the SeeDs : 5
He lost his son when Galbadia seized Timber. To honor his son's memory he's taken upon himself his son's dream: to become a Master in the Weapons Guild.
Summer Sowing the SeeDs : 3, 4, 5
A shy 18-year-old SeeD cadet. She has the potential to be a SeeD if she could ever 'get a spine' as Martine puts it. She is Xu's roommate.
Talasu Sowing the SeeDs : 5, 12, 13
A high ranking Master within the Weapons Guild who is often cast as the black sheep by his peers. He has a quiet, introspective demeanor that is at odds with the violence of his profession. The Master has a knack for being present to witness significant events.
Tilmitt, Selphie Sowing the SeeDs : 17
A Trabia student who is assigned to assist Xu while she is on an official visit. Xu finds Selphie’s youthful enthusiasm a bit tiring, but knows that Selphie has a good heart. Selphie is a childhood friend of Nym and Myn.
Tory Sowing the SeeDs : 3
The opposite of Logan in many ways. She's searching for a strong female role model and finds it in Xu. She'd drag Logan out back and throttle the crap out of him if she could...
Travers, Denis Sowing the SeeDs : 12
Dollet's Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Trepe, Quistis Sowing the SeeDs : 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18
Quistis is a shy girl with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. The desire to excel is ingrained to the very core of her being and anything less leaves her feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. She expects excellence from herself at all times, even if it's in regards to a skill that she's just learned.
Tsing Sowing the SeeDs : 12
Xu's name while working undercover for the Dukedom of Dollet. Tsing is an adult Anshin woman who Ruze assumes has been banished from the clan and is now working as a prostitute to make ends meet.
Wun, Tou, and Sree Sowing the SeeDs : 16
Three Shumi Faculty members who assist Xu in the training room. She's the one who gave them names, much to Wun's vexation, though Tou and Sree don't seem to mind.
Xu Sowing the SeeDs : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Xu is the first friend Quistis makes at Balamb Garden. She has a wry sense of humor that allows her to tease those she likes in a kind way and be down right scathing with those she's less than fond of. She is a fiercely loyal person to her friends.
Xu's Parents Sowing the SeeDs : 10, 14
A commoner family representing the near-perfect Anshin couple. Transgressions from the past and Xu cause some friction with Kei's father. Though parents and daughter do not always hold the same beliefs, they still love each other.